Redbrick Modern Pillows

Embrace the cutting edge of style with our Redbrick Modern Collection of luxury designer pillows. Inspired by the feel of Austin's Second Street Shopping District and the ever-changing skyline, this collection captures the essence of sleek, sophisticated cosmopolitan living.

These one-of-a-kind pillows make simple statements with pure, clean lines and minimal adornments, allowing both new and vintage fabrics to speak for themselves with a vocabulary of bright colors, diverse textures, and modern graphics. These luxury decorative pillows also feature hand-selected traditional and modern silk brocades in unusual patterns and vivid colors, and re-purposed designer samples.

Whether you seek to redecorate an entire living area in your new loft or simply add that final touch that brings everything else together with triumphant clarity, original Deborah Main pillows from her Redbrick Modern Collection may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Feel free to browse these remarkable pillows and see for yourself just how exciting and approachable “modern” can be.