Rococo Ribbon Pillows

Our Rococo Ribbon collection defines sophisticated elegance. The Rococo period originated in the French court of the Duke of Orleans (1715-23). Hallmarks of this style included ornate and heavily embellished furnishings, sumptuous fabrics, and lavish use of color. The fusion of these elements creates a rich vista for the senses.

This signature home luxury pillow collection, the first designs by Deborah Main, distinguishes itself by its rich textiles, colorful ribbon, and French trim from European makers. We maintain a vast collection of this vintage French trim in a wide array of colors, allowing us to explore endless creative possibilities. The Old World springs to vivid life before your eyes when you place these pillows on your finest furnishings where they belong.

Add a warmly classical touch of European elegance to any room with Deborah Main luxury decorative pillows. We invite you to tour the Rococo Ribbon Collection in search of that special "je ne sais quoi" for your home, business, or gift-giving needs.