Meet the Artist

Deborah MainWelcome to Deborah Main Designs.  Deborah Main’s award-winning artistry in pillow design takes you on a luxurious trip around the world,  instantly transporting you to bygone eras and the future.  From lushly baroque Paris or the Italian Riviera , to the glittering “Golden Age” of Hollywood or the edginess of contemporary design,  Deborah Main’s creative mastery covers the spectrum. 

Working with a small, handpicked team of talented artisans in her private Austin, Texas studio, using both Old World artisanal and contemporary design techniques, Deborah meticulously transforms her amazing array of precious fabric, vintage jewels, and decorative embellishments into richly elegant and breathtaking pillows that will transform and enhance the living spaces of a discerning owner. 

Every original Deborah Main decorative pillow is at once elegantly nostalgic and smartly relevant, which makes these witty, one-of-a-kind objet d’art,  fascinating focal points for the most opulent or current streamlined room.

Deborah can also take your family heirlooms (clothing, fabric, furs and the like) and, after consultation, work her artistic magic to create a spectacular treasure for you to enjoy and pass on to the next generation.  Please call Deborah’s studio at 512.447.9807 to schedule an appointment to discuss availability and fees for your custom order.

Every splendidly chic Deborah Main pillow is highlighted by a glamorous piece of the past and simply cannot be duplicated and mass-produced. We carefully handcraft each pillow, with great attention to every detail, as if it were a single piece of art. Our strikingly original combinations of vintage and modern materials, and design elements take the breath away. Once seen, never forgotten, that’s what elevates Deborah Main’s luxury designer pillows to works of art.